Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Release Day! Voyager: Atonement

Star Trek: Voyager
Atonement by Kirsten Beyer

Long-time readers of this site will know that one of my favorite Trek Lit series has been the Voyager post-finale novels by author Kirsten Beyer. It's always a treat when another chapter in her tales of the Full Circle mission to the Delta Quadrant is released, and this month sees the release of Atonement! Following up from the previous novels Protectors and Acts of Contrition, Atonement continues the story of Voyager's dealings with the Worlds of the First Quadrant, with Janeway on trial by a coalition of former Delta Quadrant foes for her actions during Voyager's first trek through the region.

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Publisher's description:
An original novel set in the universe of Star Trek: Voyager—and the sequel to Protectors and Acts of Contrition!

Admiral Kathryn Janeway faces a tribunal determined to execute her for supposed crimes committed during Voyager’s maiden trek through the Delta Quadrant. Captain Chakotay knows that the Kinara, several species now allied against the Full Circle fleet, are not all they appear to be. The Confederacy of the Worlds of the First Quadrant—a pact he cannot trust—is his only hope for unraveling the Kinara’s true agenda and rescuing Admiral Janeway. Meanwhile, Seven and Tom Paris are forced to betray the trust of their superiors in a desperate bid to reveal the lengths to which a fellow officer has gone in the name of protecting the Federation from the legendary Caeliar.

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