Monday, February 12, 2024

Star Trek: Celebrations One-Shot Coming in May

 A new Star Trek one-shot comic is coming in May of this year, featuring Star Trek's most "badass" LGBTQIA+ characters!

There have been many characters who identify as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community over the years, and now they are going to be the stars of a new one-shot comic celebrating Pride Month!

Star Trek: Celebrations arrives on May 29th, and will be written by Vita Ayala, Mags Visaggio, Steve Orlando, and others. The standard cover features art by Paulina Ganucheau, and I'm sure will also be available with a number of variant covers as well.

Check out the cover art below!

Heather Antos, speaking with ScreenRant, had this to say about the special issue:

"What is Star Trek, if not the idea of celebrating the best of us, right? The best of humanity, and coming together. There's a really great quote from Gene Roddenberry that that's the future he wants to see: a future where we are all not just tolerating one another, but celebrating one another.

That is the intention behind Celebrations, and where we get the title from. It's wanting to celebrate the badasses of the Star Trek universe, whether that's Culber and Stamets, whether that's Mariner, whether that's Seven and Raffi... there's so many characters that we're going to get to see explored here by some incredible, incredible writers."

I'm definitely looking forward to this one, and rest assured we will be covering this special one-shot comic on an upcoming episode of the Positively Trek Book Club podcast and here on Trek Lit Reviews!

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