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Release Day! Star Trek Explorer Presents: "The Mission" and Other Stories

 Star Trek Explorer Presents:
"The Mission" and Other Stories

by Various

It's new Star Trek book day! From Titan Publishing comes a collection of short fiction from the Star Trek Explorer magazine. Included in this collection are 14 stories by a group of talented writers that explore all corners of the Star Trek universe.

Check out below for a list of stories and authors, and links to purchase from Amazon!

Publisher's description:
A thrilling anthology of short stories from Star Trek Explorer magazine, collected for the first time!


Featuring tales by Una McCormack, Gary Russell, Michael Carroll, John Peel, Chris Dows, Chris Cooper, and Greg Cox.


This incredible collection features 14 illustrated stories starring iconic characters such as Will Riker, Benjamin Sisko, Jonathan Archer, and Kate Pulaski, plus fan-favourite alien enemies including the Borg.


Stories included are:


Control by John Peel
A take starring Jonathan Archer and his loyal dog, Porthos.

The Guardian by Gary Russell
A prelude to the classic episode “What are Little Girls Made Of?”

The Disavowed by Christopher Cooper
The crew of the Enterprise lose all memory of William Riker!

Paghabi by Chris Dows
Guinan is invaded by a sinister force.

Pulaski 2.0 by Greg Cox
Doctor Katherine Pulaski experiences life as an android.

The Expert by Gary Russell
A family is torn apart when the Borg strike.

Scramble by Greg Cox
A return to the noir world of Dixon Hill

The Mission by James Swallow
Espionage runs rife aboard Deep Space 9.

Things Can Only Get Better by Una McCormack
Kira Nerys and Garak discuss their opposing ideologies.

Frontier Medicine by Michael Carroll
Doctor Julian Bashir embarks on a career defining adventure.

By Special Request… by John Peel
Miles O’Brien and Julian Bashir enjoy some rest and recreation… with a difference!

The Victim by John Peel
Garak moves in for the kill, but can he pull the trigger?

You Can’t Buy Fate by Keith R.A. Candido
A first contact mission doesn’t go according to plan.

Summer Days Can Last Forever by Michael Collins
The dull 1950’s town of Patterson creek is livened up by some unusual visitors.

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