Monday, September 17, 2018

Literary Treks 242: A Starship Without Coffee

TNG #61: Diplomatic Implausibility
by Keith R.A. DeCandido

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At the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Worf traded his life as a starfleet officer for a career as a Federation diplomat. While some aspects of that life are similar to the years he spent in service to starfleet, there are many new challenges and attitudes to overcome. When a rebellion on a Klingon-controlled planet threatens to involve the Federation, it's up to Worf to sort out the issue, facing a difficult challenge in diplomacy on his first assignment as Ambassador to the Klingon Empire!

In this episode of Literary Treks, hosts Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson discuss the TNG novel Diplomatic Implausibility by Keith R.A. DeCandido. We talk about Worf's new role, the crew of the I.K.S. Gorkon, the aliens of the week, Federation/Klingon relations, the oddity of this being a TNG novel, and wrap up with our final thoughts and ratings.

At the top of the show, we review the newly-released third issue of TNG: Terra Incognita.

Literary Treks 242: A Starship Without Coffee
The Next Generation #61: Diplomatic Implausibility by Keith R. A. DeCandido

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