Friday, February 17, 2017

Literary Treks 180: Seeing Geordis in My Sleep

The Next Generation: Headlong Flight
Exclusive interview with author Dayton Ward!

A long term mission of exploration far beyond the boundaries of the Federation has yielded many surprising discoveries, but none more surprising than the crew of the Enterprise-E crossing not only temporal boundaries, but dimensional ones as well. In the latest TNG novel, generations and realities collide as the crew of the Enterprise-E meets the crew of an alternate timeline's Enterprise-D!

In this episode of Literary Treks, Dan Gunther, Bruce Gibson, and Matthew Rushing are joined by renowned Trek author Dayton Ward about his latest Next Generation book, Headlong Flight. We ask him about alternate versions of our heroes, T'Ryssa Chen, the Romulan angle, the temporal prime directive, homages and references, and what's coming next from Dayton.

In the news segment, we review the latest New Visions issue, #14.

Literary Treks 180: Seeing Geordis in My Sleep
Interview with Dayton Ward about TNG: Headlong Flight

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