Book List: New Frontier

All novels by Peter David unless otherwise noted

House of Cards

Into the Void

The Two-Front War

End Game


Fire on High

Captain's Table #5: Once Burned

Double Helix #5: Double or Nothing

The Quiet Place

Dark Allies

Excalibur #1: Requiem

Excalibur #2: Renaissance

Excalibur #3: Restoration

Gateways #6: Cold Wars

Being Human

Gods Above

Stone and Anvil

No Limits by various (short story collection)

After the Fall

Missing in Action


Blind Man's Bluff

The Returned, Part 1 (e-book exclusive) | |

The Returned, Part 2 (e-book exclusive) | |

The Returned, Part 3 (e-book exclusive) | |