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Positively Trek Book Club: Day of Blood

Positively Trek Podcast:

Star Trek: Day of Blood
The Podcast Discusses the Star Trek / Star Trek: Defiant Crossover!

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Positively Trek 275: Book Club: It All Comes Down to This…
Star Trek: Day of Blood

The Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant ongoing comic series from IDW are featured in an epic crossover when the crews under Sisko and Worf come together to finally take on Kahless and his Red Path devotees. Fighting for freedom from his particular brand of tyranny, the two crews must put aside their mistrust and apprehension to work together and defeat Kahless once and for all…

In this episode of The Positively Trek Book Club, hosts Dan and Brandi discuss Star Trek: Day of Blood. We talk about all seven issues that make up the hardcover collection: The Free Comic Book Day issue Prelude to Day of Blood, Day of Blood #1, Star Trek issues 11 & 12, Star Trek: Defiant issues 7 & 8, and a personal favorite of both of us: the Eisner-nominated Day of Blood: Shaxs’ Best Day!

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