Thursday, March 14, 2024

Positively Trek Book Club: Seven of Nine Knows Her Name!

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Star Trek: Picard
Exclusive Interview with author David Mack!

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Positively Trek 265: Book Club: Seven of Nine Knows Her Name!
Picard: Firewall with David Mack & Guest Host Jessie Gender 

In this episode of the Positively Trek Book Club, Dan Gunther and guest host Jessie Gender welcome David Mack to the show to discuss his new novel, Star Trek: Picard: Firewall!

When the USS Voyager returned to Earth, Seven of Nine’s life looked promising: Earth, the bastion of acceptance and equality, stood ready to accept the former Borg with open arms. Right?

Reality proved to be very different from what had been promised, and soon Seven finds herself on the outside looking in. Refused a commission in Starfleet, and even denied Federation membership, she sets out to find herself, beginning a journey that would eventually lead to the Fenris Rangers and the Seven that we meet in the series Star Trek: Picard.

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  1. Planning on reading this soon. Divided between my adoration of any David Mack book and my acute disinterest in the PICverse.