Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Release Day! The Coda Finale: Oblivion's Gate

Star Trek: Coda
Book III: Oblivion's Gate
by David Mack

The groundbreaking Coda trilogy concludes! Now available in bookstores and online, Star Trek: Coda, Book III: Oblivion's Gate by David Mack is released today. Pick it up now to find out how the exciting trilogy wraps up!

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Publisher's description:

The crews of Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko, Ezri Dax, and William Riker unite to prevent a cosmic-level apocalypse—only to find that some fates really are inevitable.
The epic Star Trek: Coda trilogy comes to a shattering conclusion as the Temporal Apocalypse forces Starfleet’s greatest heroes to make the greatest sacrifices of their lives.

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Next Release: Deep Space Nine: Revenant


  1. David Mack is my favorite Trek author and this is probably the best thing he's written since The Persistence of Memory. Having said that I'm still not sure what I think about about this one. There are some parts that I really liked, but there are a lot of parts I'm not too crazy about.


    - Did the Litverse really need a definitive all-encompassing ending? Did it need to be so dark? I can't make up my mind honestly. I've always been a big fan of the ending of All Good Things and I wouldn't have minded a "the adventure continues" type ending for the novel version of the TNG crew. In hindsight I wish that DS9 had ended pre time jump with an epic battle against the Ascendants.

    - I liked all three of Data's "goodbye" scenes.

    - The Devidians just aren't very interesting villains. They come across as stock sword and sorcery bad guys in a lot of ways. I was hoping they would develop into something a little more three dimensional along the way but it never happened.

    - When did Wes merge René's personalities? Did that happen in the Ashes of Tomorrow?

    - I think they killed off T'Ressa Chen and prime Ezri off too soon. Was Mirror Ezri really needed? I'd have loved to have had more of Captain Ezri and the Aventine crew.

    - Did we really need to see the Mirror Universe again? David Mack's MU books are awesome, but I'm not sure this was the a story that needed a trip to the Mirror-verse.

    - "Really? I'm the only one who doesn't get how this works?"

    Bev had a point. Some of the timey-wimey stuff was a bit much.

    - Where's Guinan? She was a criminally underused character in the Litverse and this story would have been the perfect opportunity to make use of her.

    (Cont Below)

  2. - I liked the Picard vignettes at the end. Too bad there wasn't one where he breaks a bottle of Château Picard over Robert's head.

    - Did the story really need Spock in it? Everybody loves Spock, but I don't know what to think about him being in this story. I did really like this Spock line though: "The only questions that remain before us now are: Shall we cling to selfishness and die in vain? Or shall we take up the mantle of heroes, and die so that others may live?" With some tweaking it's a line that could have worked as well coming from Picard or Worf.

    - "Run, you fool!"

    Boy, Gandalf really does show up when you least expect him, doesn't he?

    - I don't like how Riker was handled in this series at all. There had to be a better way to use him other than the old "officer is acting nutty" trope.

    - Jadzia is going to kick Worf's ass when he gets to Sto-Vo-Kor for him telling K'Ehler she was the "greatest love of [his] life." The death of Worf and his family was one of the book's highlights.

    - "Troi sensed Riker's deception a moment too late to stop it." 30 years later and Troi is still useless. "He's FROZEN!"

    - "I wonder if this is how Michael felt when she was fighting to save all life in the galaxy from the first omnicidal artificial superintelligence known as Control." A very awkward bit of inner monologue. It almost feels like product placement. All it's missing is a follow up line like "Well, the only logical thing to do is subscribe to CBS All-Access and find out!"

    - "I think this is the end of everything." I think this little scene with Gomez and the CoE would have made a good opening scene. I'm not sure we needed to see how both Splinters ended, but I can get why Mack went in that direction.

    - The mercs guarding the wormhole came across as a contrivance. The universe is ending, their employers have just been obliterated and they are still sticking around to play rent-a-thugs? Saavik's oath also came across as just a way to create a bit of drama.

    - I hated the epilog. Just a terrible and silly note to end on. Might as well have ended it with the kid from St. Elsewhere shaking a snowglobe with the Milky Way in it or something.

    - "How can I know the realities you'd have me die to save will be good ones?"


    I'm not a fan of the new Trek shows and I'm very sad to see the novel continuity go. The novels, though not perfect, have easily been my favorite branch of Trek media for the last twenty years.

    Final thoughts: This is an ok trilogy. It's no Destiny or Prey, but it's a decent way to wrap up the novelverse. I give the writers and editors credit for trying to do something special instead of just leaving things unfinished.

    "We remember. Forever."