Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Antares Maelstrom

Star Trek: The Original Series
The Antares Maelstrom by Greg Cox
Release date: August 13th 2019
Read August 14th 2019

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Publisher's description:
The final frontier erupts into chaos as vast quantities of a rare energy source are discovered beneath the surface of Baldur-3, a remote planet beyond the outer fringes of Federation space. Now an old-fashioned "gold rush" is underway as a flood of would-be prospectors, from countless worlds and species, races toward the planet to stake their claim.

The galactic stampede threatens the stability of neighboring planets and space stations, as widespread strife and sabotage and all-around pandemonium result in a desperate need for Starfleet assistance. Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise are dispatched to deal with the escalating crisis... which lies on the other side of a famously perilous region of space known as the Antares Maelstrom.

My thoughts:

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Final thoughts:

A fun TOS story that makes numerous callbacks to original Star Trek episodes. Every member of the main cast is given an interesting part to play, and the story feels like a good old-fashioned TOS adventure. While some may bristle at the large number of plotlines the story juggles, I found myself enjoying each one. A great entry in the long-running TOS book line!

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