Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Trek book NEWS

The Pocket Books 2013 Star Trek release schedule is coming along quite nicely.

The TOS-heavy announcements continue apace with Dayton Ward's The Original Series: From History's Shadow being slotted in the August spot. This marks the sixth TOS book of 2013!

In September, we have a Deep Space Nine novel by David R. George III. Titled The Fall, Book 1: Time and Revelation, the book is the first in a new miniseries. On the Simon and Schuster website, it is listed as a TNG novel, but according to a recent post by the author on his Facebook page, Time and Revelation will indeed be a DS9 novel. If it actually carries the Deep Space Nine title, it will be the first since 2009's The Never-ending Sacrifice by Una McCormack.

Also, has added a listing for Christopher L. Bennett's upcoming Enterprise novel, Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures. Look for that one to be released at the end of June next year.

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  1. Seems as if with a smaller schedule, Pocket Books really did get its stuff together.