Saturday, January 31, 2015

New cover! TOS: Crisis of Consciousness

Hi everyone! I hope you have had a wonderful January. Today, the final day of the month, sees the unveiling of another cover for all of us to enjoy: the May novel, Star Trek: The Original Series: Crisis of Consciousness by Dave Galanter, author of one of my favorite TOS novels, Troublesome Minds. The cover and back-cover blurb were revealed today on

Check out the cover below, and pre-order Crisis of Consciousness using the links to Amazon!

The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise is completing a treaty mission with the Maabas, a peaceful alien race not native to the star system they currently inhabit, as descendants of refugees from a great war long ago. Several hundred thousand Maabas once took shelter on their new world, and have now been here for millennia. They do not travel the stars, but seek to explore from within. The Federation's interest is in the Maabas's great intellectual resources--their science, while behind in some areas, excels in others, and their philosophy is in line with that of the Federation. But just as the pact is signed, the Enterprise is attacked by an unidentified vessel. Enough force is shown to keep the alien assailants at bay, but a new danger arises. Their mysterious foes are the Kenisians--a race that used to inhabit the Maabas's chosen world thousands of years ago, and who now want to take it back.

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