Monday, February 19, 2018

Literary Treks 220: I Wanna Know What Love Is

Captain's Blood
by William Shatner with Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens

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In front of a crowd of thousands of Romulans, Ambassador Spock is apparently killed in a terrorist bombing. Captain James T. Kirk, retired, is enlisted by Starfleet to lead a team to Romulus to investigate. However, not all may be as it seems, and this particular mission will have consequences that stretch throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, and with a very personal connection to Kirk's own family!

In this episode of Literary Treks, hosts Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson discuss the Shatnerverse novel Captain's Blood, the second book in the Totality trilogy. We talk about Spock's apparent death, Reman society, Kirk's son Joseph, the threat of the Totality, crews of different generations coming together, and wrap up with our final thoughts and ratings.

In the news this week, we discuss the release of the latest Discovery novel, Desperate Measures by Dayton Ward, and review the most recent New Visions comic, "Isolation."

Literary Treks 220: I Wanna Know What Love Is
Captain's Blood by Williams Shatner (with Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens)

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