Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Long Mirage

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
The Long Mirage by David R. George III
Release date: February 28th 2017
Read March 15th 2017

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Spoilers ahead for The Long Mirage!

Publisher's description:
More than two years have passed since the destruction of the original Deep Space 9. In that time, a brand-new, state-of-the-art starbase has replaced it, commanded by Captain Ro Laren, still the crew and residents of the former station continue to experience the repercussions of its loss. For instance: Quark continues his search for Morn, as the Lurian—his best customer and friend—left Bajor without a word and never returned. Quark enlists a private detective to track Morn down, and she claims to be hot on his trail. Yet the barkeep distrusts the woman he hired, and his suspicions skyrocket when she too suddenly vanishes. At the same time, Kira Nerys emerges from a wormhole after being caught inside it when it collapsed two years earlier. She arrives on the new DS9 to discover Altek Dans already there. While inside the Celestial Temple, Kira lived a different life in Bajor’s past, where she fell in love with Altek. So why have the Prophets moved him forward in time…and why have They brought him and Kira together?

My thoughts:

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Final thoughts:

The Long Mirage finally continues the story of DS9 beyond the whole Ascendant arc, and I’m really happy to see some movement forward. It’s sadly a long time between novels, so the progress feels slow, but the story is finally moving in a direction that I’m really enjoying. It’s great to see Vic back, and I really appreciate that David R. George focuses so much on the really strong characters of DS9 and their relationships to one another.

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