Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Motion Picture: 40th Anniversary Edition

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
by Gene Roddenberry
40th Anniversary Edition
Release date: October 1st 2019
Read October 7th 2019

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Publisher's description:
The original five-year mission of the Starship Enterprise to explore strange new worlds and to seek out new life and new civilizations has ended. Now James T. Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise have separated to follow their own career paths and different lives. But now, an overwhelming alien threat—one that is ignoring all attempts at communication and annihilating all opposition in its path—is on a collision course with Earth, the very heart of the United Federation of Planets. And the only vessel that Starfleet can send in time to intercept this menace is a refitted Enterprise, with her old crew heeding the call to once again boldly go where no one has gone before….

My thoughts:

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Final thoughts:

A unique novel in the Star Trek book library! A peek into the mind of Gene Roddenberry that is equal parts enlightening and terrifying. I think any Trek fan should pick up the book for the insights into the film that kicked off the Star Trek movie franchise.

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