Saturday, December 13, 2014

Literary Treks 84: The Maroon Jacket Era

Hi everyone! Recently, I was honored to accept a permanent co-host position on's Star Trek books and comics podcast, Literary Treks! This is a huge honor, and I am eager to sit down each week with Matthew Rushing and talk about the latest Star Trek novels and comics. We often interview authors on the show, too, which I am extremely excited about as you can well imagine!

In the first episode in which I co-host, Matthew Rushing and I speak with New York Times bestselling author Greg Cox about his latest novel, The Original Series: Foul Deeds Will Rise. Click below to check it out, and take a look at my review of this novel by clicking here!

Literary Treks 84: The Maroon Jacket Era - Greg Cox on Foul Deeds Will Rise

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