Wednesday, May 15, 2024

New Comic Day! Star Trek #20

Star Trek #20
"Pleroma" Part 2

The ongoing Star Trek flagship series from IDW continues with today's release of issue #20!

As always, check out the various covers below, along with links to purchase the digital edition from Amazon and the publisher's synopsis.

Written by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing
Art by Megan Levens
Cover by Megan Levens

Digital (Kindle): | |

Official synopsis:

Having revealed their true godlike identity, T’Lir is relying on Captain Sisko to help repair Kahless’ damage to space-time and save their species from extinction. Despite the Prophets’ eerie warning that Sisko is forbidden at the Pleroma—a meeting place for god-level species at intersecting space-time coordinates—he and his crew head to the Utopia Planitia Federation Shipyards for a retrofit to the Theseus in preparation to boldly take on the unknown. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure from Section 31 approaches Lily with a mission, claiming the Federation’s future is in her hands.

Variant covers (click to embiggen):

Cover B by Taurin Clarke

Retailer Incentive Cover by J.J. Lendl

Online Exclusive Cover by Angel Hernandez

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