Saturday, January 27, 2024

Sons of Star Trek Issue 2 Covers Revealed!

Today, we have the covers as well as the synopsis for the second issue of the upcoming Sons of Star Trek miniseries from IDW, which spins off from the mainline Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant comic series. And wow... it sounds wild!

Cover A by Jake Bartok

Official synopsis:

Jake, Nog, & Alexander find themselves stuck in a never-ending loop of being blown to smithereens aboard the USS Avery & then revived by Q Jr.—who insists he’s helping them learn some lesson unbeknownst to them. Amid the attack from the Breen, the crew and their strong-willed, bureaucratic captain, Skrain Dukat, refuse to listen to the trio’s musings about an alternate universe. Left with no other choice, they are forced to begrudgingly work together and attempt to step into their Starfleet roles in hopes of helping the ship survive the attack and return home…or be stuck in this alternate reality forever!

Sons of Star Trek #2 is coming in April 2024.

I'm very excited for this. Alternate realities, Q shenanigans, and, if the covers are to be believed, Beckett Mariner, too! Check out the alternate covers below.

Cover B by Megan Levens

Retailer Incentive Cover by Andy Price

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