Wednesday, January 17, 2024

New Comic Day: Star Trek #16

 Star Trek #16

"Glass and Bone" Part 4

It's Wednesday, which means it's new comic book day! This week's offering from the Star Trek universe is Star Trek #16, continuing the adventures of Captain Benjamin Sisko and his crew aboard the USS Theseus! "Glass and Bone" continues with part 4. Pick it up today from your local comic shop, or digitally via the links below.

Written by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing
Art by Marcus To
Cover by Marcus To

Digital (Kindle): | | 

Official synopsis:

The Tzenkethi Festival of Supremacy has come at a heavy cost for Captain Sisko when members of the Theseus crew members lose their lives to gargantuan beasts. But despite seeing through the battle and warding off the ancient reptilian species, Sisko finds himself overshadowed by the Romulans and their efforts to persuade the Tzenkethi into an alliance. All the while, Cardassia joins the bid to win over the reptilian species in hopes of taking advantage of their new war fleet. Can Sisko convince this cunning yet brute force-favoring species of Starfleet ideals... or do the Federation's foes have a point?

Variant covers:

Cover B by Elizabeth Beals

Cover C by Malachi Ward

Next comic release: Star Trek: Defiant - Annual

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