Saturday, June 6, 2015

Special Event Celebrating the Publishing of Return to Tomorrow!

Some of you may have heard the news of the publishing of a book decades in the making, chronicling the compelling story behind the making of the Star Trek film that started it all again in 1979: Return to Tomorrow: The Filming of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Featuring an oral narrative of the making of the movie, Return to Tomorrow tells a myriad of stories surrounding the sometimes troubled production of TMP. The book was exhaustively researched and showcases interviews that occurred as the film was being made!

The book has sold gangbusters, and it is now in its second printing! I am currently reading the book myself, and I am overwhelmed by the wealth of information in its pages. Truly, this is an important book to own for any completest fan.

To celebrate the release of this epic tome, the publisher, Creature Features, is hosting a signing event at their offices with author Preston Neal Jones. The event will include a display of original costumes, props, and production artwork from The Motion Picture as well!

As an added bonus, if you were at all involved in the production of The Motion Picture, Creature Features and Preston Neal Jones will provide you with a free copy of Return to Tomorrow! If you appear in the credits of the film or on the IMDB page, simply provide ID and you will get your free copy. RSVP to for more details.

Click here to be taken to Creature Features' event page on Facebook!

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