Monday, December 10, 2012

I have another blog: Check it out!

In April of 2011, I began this blog as a way to catalog my own thoughts and feelings about the Star Trek novels I had read, as reminders to myself about what the books were about and how I felt about them. To my surprise, other people were interested as well. Each month saw a steady increase in readership, and November 2012 was the first month that Trek Lit Reviews had over 3000 page-views. That may not sound like a lot, but I was astounded that people were actually interested in reading what I had to say about these books.

As much as I like Star Trek novels, I do enjoy reading other books as well. The world of literature is an endless field of exciting stories and infinite possibilities, in which an author can guide a reader anywhere from seventeenth-century Britain to alternate worlds and histories. From epic, sweeping trilogies that involve the rise and fall of galactic civilizations to the quiet, simple struggle of a single life. In short, I absolutely love books, and I enjoy sharing my thoughts and feelings about them. To this end, I have started another blog, The Contented Reader. This blog will be about the books that I read and love (or hate!), as well as anything literature-related that catches my eye. There is a great deal to report on in the world of books, including prizes in literature, new releases from favourite authors, competitions such as Canada Reads from the CBC, and a myriad of other events in the world of books. Join me as I delve into this world head-first and communicate to you what I hope is an honest and abiding love of books!

If you are interested, please check out The Contented Reader. I look forward to continuing both blogs for a long time to come!

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