Monday, December 18, 2023

Positively Trek Book Club: The Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko

Positively Trek Podcast:

The Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko
Exclusive interview with author Derek Tyler Attico!

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Positively Trek 254: Book Club: The Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko with Derek Tyler Attico
We Interview the Author of The Emissary’s Autobiography!

Positively Trek Book Club is honored to have author Derek Tyler Attico on the show! His terrific entry in Titan Publishing’s line of Star Trek autobiographies should have a place on every single Niner’s shelf. Dan Gunther and returning host Bruce Gibson talk to Derek about The Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko.

We discuss Derek’s background as a Trek fan, how he got started in writing, and the incredible story about how he got this writing gig that actually has a connection to host Dan Gunther! We get into the book itself, covering Sisko’s early years and the unique place Captain Benjamin Sisko has in the Star Trek mythos.

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