Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Release Day! The Coda Saga Begins...

Star Trek: Coda
Book I: Moments Asunder
by Dayton Ward

It's finally here! The beginning of the conclusion to the on-going Trek litverse: Coda: Book I: Moments Asunder by the prolific Dayton Ward! The crew of the Enterprise, Aventine, Deep Space Nine, and Titan must deal with the "temporal apocalypse," which may spell doom for all! Can't wait to dive into this one, folks. It promises to be a barn-burner!

Check out below for the back-cover blurb and links to purchase from Amazon!

Publisher's description:
The crews of Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko, Ezri Dax, and William Riker unite to prevent a cosmic-level apocalypse—only to find that some fates really are inevitable.


Time is coming apart. Countless alternate and parallel realities are under attack, weakening and collapsing from relentless onslaught. If left unchecked, the universe faces an unstoppable descent toward entropy.

Scarred and broken after decades spent tracking this escalating temporal disaster, while battling the nameless enemy responsible for it, an old friend seeks assistance from Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise. The apocalypse may originate from their future, but might the cause lie in their past?

Identifying their adversary is but the first step toward defeating them, but early triumphs come with dreadful costs. What will the price be to achieve final victory, and how will that success be measured in futures as yet undefined?

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    It's hard to judge the first part of a trilogy without having read the rest of it. My feelings about Moments Asunder are a little mixed.

    On the one hand, there was plenty of action and the unexpected source of the threat to the Omniverse has piqued my interest.

    On the negative side, I don't really feel much of an emotional reaction to the numerous deaths in the book. In fairness, I never found the TNG-R characters as compelling as those from the DS9-R, but this felt like a lot of redshirts getting knocked off. I recently read a heroic fantasy book by David Gemmel called "Legend" and the author really had a knack for creating memorable death scenes and maybe that has me a little spoiled.

    Secondly, I just don't seem to care how the story turns out. You know how some fans won't read a book unless it has a genuine certified 100% guarantee that it is "canon"? As silly as that is I can't help but feel a touch of that myself in this instance. Knowing that so much of the novel continuity is inevitably going to be undone makes Coda feel a little hollow.

    Keep in mind that my bias may be showing here. I actually prefer the novel continuity (warts and all) to the modern shows. My being disappointed may be inevitable. Keeping that in mind, I actually think it's to Dayton's credit that he kept me reading until the end and that I will probably pick up the second book.