Thursday, August 1, 2019

New Books Coming in 2020, including Picard & Kelvin Timeline!

Hey folks, we have some news from the Star Trek books panel at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention, happening right now!

First, we have a rough outline for the release schedule for 2020, which includes a few surprises! Lets start with February:

February kicks off the year with a new novel by Una McCormack: Star Trek: Picard: The Last Best Hope. Described as a prequel novel to the Star Trek: Picard television series by Dayton Ward, I'm excited to get this first glimpse at the world of Picard from one of my favorite writers!

In March, we have Star Trek: The Original Series: The Higher Frontier by Christopher L. Bennett.

April sees the release of a novel set in the Kelvin Timeline! The Order of Peace by Alan Dean Foster is apparently his novel from the initially-announced four novels set in the new Star Trek universe around the time of the 2009 film. According to Dayton Ward, this novel (and the one later down the line by David Mack) was "freshened up" by Foster for its release.

In June, another Star Trek: The Original Series novel: Agents of Influence by Dayton Ward.

And in August, another Kelvin Timeline novel: More Beautiful Than Death by David Mack. Like Alan Dean Foster's novel, this one was originally written years ago, but then cancelled. Glad to know that these will finally see the light of day!

The original soliciation cover for More Beautiful Than Death from back in 2010.
Additionally, there are a couple of other novels not yet scheduled but reportedly coming in 2020: the first is another Star Trek: Discovery novel by John Jackson Miller. No word on a title or what this one is about yet.

And finally, Kirsten Beyer's latest Star Trek: Voyager novel is reportedly coming in 2020. Presumably this is the previously announced To Lose the Earth.

And one final bit of new from John Jackson Miller: apparently, one of the characters introduced in his recent Star Trek: Discovery: The Enterprise War is featured in one of the upcoming Short Treks episodes. I'm partway through that novel at the moment, looking forward to finding out who he is talking about!

More news as we learn it, and links to pre-order as soon as they are available!


  1. I'm glad to know there are several new books coming out. However, I can't help but think that Treklit could really use an infusion of new writing talent. Of the books announced, the only one that catches my eye is the Picard prequel.

  2. Oh, and I have to laugh at Pocket Books finally releasing the Kelvin books. Talk about striking while the iron is ice cold. Good job guys!

    1. Well, the Kelvin books are already paid for and written, why not release them? May as well make *some* money off the work put in 9 years ago!

    2. Oh, they should absolutely be released. It's just really weird to do it now instead of sometime between 09 and Into Darkness. Kind of defeats the purpose of doing a tie-in several years after the movie and accompanying ad campaign.

  3. On a positive note, I think the cover art has dramatically improved recently.

  4. I hope there will be tons more Discovery books. I really want to see Prime Lorca in some of them, and even Mirror Lorca before he took his swan dive into the spore hub. :-)