Monday, April 9, 2018

Literary Treks 225: A Ship Full of Legends

Voyager: Architects of Infinity
Exclusive Interview with Kirsten Beyer!

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A strange planet with an enticing mystery is also the perfect destination for shore leave for the Full Circle fleet led by the U.S.S. Voyager. However, the mission to investigate this mysterious world may uncover a force that has the power to completely overwhelm the crews of the four Federation starships that comprise the fleet. Will the unintended consequences of the fleet's actions ultimately destroy them?

In this episode of Literary Treks, hosts Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson are joined by guest host Matthew Rushing and New York Times bestselling author Kirsten Beyer to talk about her newest novel, Architects of Infinity. We discuss a medical situation that has ethical concerns for all involved, the nature of Kriosians and Ensign Aytar Gwyn's choices, Icheb's budding relationship, the plight of the junior officers aboard Voyager, a mystery that is way above the heads of even the brightest Starfleet officers, and an ending that left us all shocked. We also briefly touch on Kirsten's role as the media tie-in guru in the Star Trek: Discovery writers' room.

In the news segment, we talk about an April Fools' gag that briefly tricked us, the upcoming Incredibuilds Star Trek 3D wooden model kits with accompanying books written by author Dayton Ward, and review the first issue of the new Star Trek: Discovery Annual series written by Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson.

Literary Treks 225: A Ship Full of Legends
Exclusive Interview with Voyager: Architects of Infinity author Kirsten Beyer!

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