Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Patterns of Interference

Star Trek: Enterprise
Rise of the Federation
Patterns of Interference by Christopher L. Bennett
Release date: August 29th 2017
Read September 5th 2017

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Publisher's description:
The time has come to act. Following the destructive consequences of the Ware crisis, Admiral Jonathan Archer and Section 31 agent Trip Tucker both attempt to change their institutions to prevent further such tragedies. Archer pushes for a Starfleet directive of non-interference, but he faces opposition from allies within the fleet and unwelcome support from adversaries who wish to drive the Federation into complete isolationism. Meanwhile, Tucker plays a dangerous game against the corrupt leaders of Section 31, hoping to bring down their conspiracy once and for all. But is he willing to jeopardize Archer’s efforts—and perhaps the fate of an entire world—in order to win?

My thoughts:

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Final thoughts:

A strong entry in the Rise of the Federation series, possibly my favorite of the bunch so far. A great story that has real-world resonance, and great philosophical debates. Basically, all of the things I love the most about Star Trek.

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