Thursday, May 5, 2016

Literary Treks 143: Borg Kryptonite

The Return by William Shatner

Shortly after Star Trek: Generations was released, William Shatner pitched a story featuring the return of Captain Kirk to the land of the living. Paramount passed on the story, but undeterred, Shatner sold the idea as a novel. The Return would prove to be a great seller, with many fans wanting to read the story of the resurrection of a Star Trek legend.

In this episode of Literary Treks, hosts Matthew Rushing and Dan Gunther talk about William Shatner's The Return. We discuss bringing back Kirk, maniacal Borg, V'ger and the Borg, an empty grave, Kirk worship, and our ratings.

In the new segment, we discuss the cover and blurb for Force and Motion as well as the penultimate issue of Starfleet Academy and Ongoing #55: The Legacy of Spock.

Literary Treks 143: Borg Kryptonite
The Return by William Shatner

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