Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Release Day! TOS: Serpents in the Garden by Jeff Mariotte

The second new release in as many days: the mass-market paperback The Original Series: Serpents in the Garden by Jeff Mariotte!

Following up on the Original Series episode "A Private Little War," Serpents in the Garden sees Admiral James T. Kirk return to the planet Neural to check in on the hill people he visited years earlier. Have the Klingons interfered again? What effect has Kirk's interpretation of the Prime Directive in that earlier episode had on their society?

Check out the cover and back-cover blurb below, along with purchasing links!

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Publisher's description:
Early in his five-year mission commanding the U.S.S. Enterprise, Captain James T. Kirk found himself caught up in a grow­ing conflict on the planet Neural. To maintain the balance of power against a force being armed by the Klingons, he provided weapons to his new friends, the Hill People. Years later, Admiral Kirk learns that the Klingon presence on Neu­ral has grown considerably, and in possible violation of the Treaty of Organia. Did his impulse as a young captain turn out disastrously wrong? Could he have done more to eliminate the Klingon threat? To find out, Kirk must embark on a secret mission back to Neural—where he might just be the only person who can prevent an interstellar war. . . 

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