Friday, December 27, 2013

These Are the Voyages: Revised and Expanded Edition Now Available

Hey everyone! There Are the Voyages - TOS: Season One, REVISED and EXPANDED edition is now available. This edition boasts 80 more pages and over 50 additional rare pictures, some of which have never been seen before. There are also new exclusive interviews, including the latest from Leonard Nimoy! 680 pages in length with new cover art, the revised These Are the Voyages is available in hardcover in the United States, and in paperback and Kindle worldwide.
My review isn't of the expanded and revised edition, but I still loved this book, and I'm sure the revisions made it only better! You can order your copy by following these links and supporting Trek Lit Reviews:,, and In addition, autographed copies (from author Marc Cushman and TOS producer/writer John D.F. Black) are now available at

And coming in early 2014 is Book 2, covering the second season of TOS! Rest assured, I will be reviewing it here for all of you!

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