Saturday, January 26, 2013

Changes to the "2013 Releases" page

I've just made a few changes to the "coming releases" page for 2013. Previously, I only listed novel releases for the year from Pocket Books. After listening to some of the great podcasts from TrekFM (specifically, their Trek Lit podcast, "Literary Treks"), I've been getting more and more excited about Star Trek comics. To that end, I've expanded the upcoming releases pages to include comic book and graphic novel releases. In addition, I've also added blu-ray releases because I believe those to be of import to most fans of Trek. And finally, I've also added the 2014 Star Trek calendars for the coming year because, hey, I like calendars. And with the great news that the decision to cancel the Ships of the Line calendar for next year has been reversed, I'm once again giddy about getting my hands on this always-amazing product! Check out the page. Products are ordered by month of release. I don't have purchasing links up for all of the products yet, but those will be making their appearance soon!

Comics! Now featured on the "coming releases" page for 2013, along with
blu-rays, film release dates, and calendars!

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